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We deliver only the freshest, highest quality premium citrus fruits to markets and supermarkets all over Australia and the world. We consistently maintain the same quality line of fruit year in and year out to give our buyers brand confidence.


Domestic Sales

Craig & Danielle regularly meet our buyers to ensure our fruit is in a premium state once it’s completed the journey from orchard to its destination. Trust is important to us so we always encourage open communication between all areas of the business, ensuring happy customers.

888 Citrus is our first class premium pack & ‘678 Citrus’ is our composite pack.  The name speaks for itself! Both are widely recognized throughout Australia for their premium standards and consistent, reliable delivery. We personally monitor our product to ensure it is handled with care from the paddock to the plate, giving our customers exactly what they deserve…the very best.


A passion for growing the freshest, tastiest, nutrient rich citrus.


Export Sales

Only our first class premium fruit is packed into the 888 Citrus box. The 678 Citrus box is for our fruit that is slightly lower than our premium grade. These brands are widely recognised for the finest quality all over the world.  

We export internationally using air & sea freight so that only premium, fresh, quality fruit is ever packed into our boxes. Craig & Danielle are proud of the reputation that our fruit has for being a consistent line that all our customers can trust. Just ask them!

Our goal is to always have premium, first class quality fruit to ensure that our customers have continual confidence and satisfaction.

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