Our story

Travel back in time as we take you on a journey spanning almost a century to the beginning of the 888 Citrus dream.


Where it all began

Craig’s Grandfather Harry Meyer was a citrus growing pioneer. He planted his first citrus trees in 1945.

By the 1980s the town was responsible for nearly all of Australia's mandarin exports. Ventnor Grove which is now the home of 888 Citrus was purchased by Craig Meyers’ parents, John and Cathy Meyers in 1968.

The first fruit

The first trees planted on Ventnor Grove farm were Lemons, Navels, Ellendales, Valencia and Imperial mandarins back in 1970.

Menindee Seedless table grapes were then added to the mix with 2363 vines planted in 1995 and the majority being planted in 1998.

In 2015 Craig & Danielle purchased a further 4645vines of Menindee's and 6917 vines of flames on the Rosemont Farm.

Look at us now!

Now in 2017 our orchards have 70 hectares planted in citrus at Ventnor Grove and 48 hectares planted at Sandstone. We look forward to continuing the 888 Citrus story and hope you’ll be a part of the next edition! To be continued…