Grape Harvesting

From the vine to the plate…we put the hard work in, so you reap the rewards.


Table grapes develop deliciously natural sugars as they ripen on the vine, but do not become any sweeter once picked. Once harvested, our home grown grapes are stored on farm in our purpose built warehouse and cold storage facility. The facility is set up at 0-2 degrees celsius and 85-95% relative humidity so our grapes maintain optimum freshness.

 Grapes are predominately picked and packed in the field on specially designed, elevated picking and packing trolleys- all under the supervision of a highly trained quality supervisor.

 We transport our fruit from the vineyard to our packing and cooling facilities which have been accredited by HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to ensure our produce always meets quality specifications and food safety requirements. We are also ICA 20 accredited. Our fruit is then delivered to Australian domestic markets and agents for distribution by refrigerated transport.

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